At 360Production.Services we recognize that artists and creatives often find themselves without the ability to afford counseling or therapy needs.  When left without support, this can have a devastating effect on our creative community.  We started as a way to survive during the pandemic.  At the same time, we wanted to take the opportunity to support a non-profit that truly gives back to our creative community:

The SIMS Foundation

The SIMS Foundation provides mental health and substance use recovery resources for musicians, music industry professionals, and their dependent family members. Through education, community partnerships, and accessible managed care, SIMS seeks to destigmatize and reduce mental health and substance use issues, while supporting and enhancing the wellbeing of the music community at large.

Items in our eBay Store may have the text: Sale benefits charity

When viewing listings that are part of the eBay for Charity program you will see a message similar to this:

10% of the sale of this item will benefit Sims Foundation

The SIMS Foundation provides services for mental health and addiction to Austin musicians, music professionals and their families.
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  • Sale benefits a verified non-profit partner

This message in the item description indicates the percentage of donation, and provides some additional information about the eBay for Charity program.

Here at 360Production.Service we are extremely greatful for everything The SIMS Foundation does to help the community.  We encourage you to show your support!  Please, consider donating to them directly
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